VHF is the best way to call for help.

VHF Short Range Certificate

Devon School of Navigation
The SRC is awarded by Direct (practical) Assessment once you have the necessary theoretical knowledge. The classroom teaching must be run independently of the final Direct Assessment and by different people. Classroom teaching At Devon School of Navigation we run conventional classroom courses or we can arrange for you to take the RYA’s online course. On successful completion of either you can take the Direct Assessment. The main difference is in the actual use of radio equipment. Any online course cannot offer the level of ‘hands - on’ radio practice using actual equipment that is an inherent part of our classroom courses. The course covers 1. General knowledge of radiotelephone communications, 2. Detailed working knowledge of radio equipment, 3. Operational procedures and regulations for VHF radiotelephone communications and related equipment including AIS and 4. Distress, urgency and safety. It lasts one day and is then often followed by the Direct Assessment. This makes a very long day. We offer a very popular ‘split’ course option where the Classroom teaching takes place over two separate half days with the Direct assessment scheduled at the end of the second classroom session. It reduces the stress and helps students to learn and digest the material. There is no extra charge for this. Most of our more mature students comment on what a good idea this turns out to be since it reduces the ‘intellectual intensity’ of a one day course. There is some pre-class self study and it is unlikely that you will pass if you do not do it. Our course fee includes comprehensive course notes, the RYA’s course pack, arranging for an examiner to attend at the end of the course and light refreshments. Direct assessment You pay for this directly to the RYA. We arrange it if you want us to. See our Terms and conditions and course price pages for more information.
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