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We teach these RYA shorebased courses: Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Offshore, Yachtmaster Ocean, VHF Short Range Certificate and Radar Small courses give our students real benefits. We can, and when possible will, schedule the course to meet our student’s other commitments and activities. Teaching can be adjusted and customised to suit the needs and knowledge of those taking the course. Perhaps above all are the benefits that come from being in a small group with an experienced intructor teaching ‘face to face’. Small groups make it easier to change dates if required. Our courses are flexible. We can run a course intensively or spread it over a longer period. A very popular approach, which fits well with people’s lives, is to teach it in three hour sessions scheduled to meet the student’s other commitments. We don’t make any extra charge for this or for evening and weekend teaching. Many courses include the RYA’s set coursework. Our approach gives our students time for this vital activity and helps them to get a better understanding of the more complex topics. Intensive courses can be demanding. We can and do take some of the stress out of the process and, where it makes sense, we can often build in time for advance reading and study before the classroom teaching for a topic. This doesn’t reduce the workload but it does mean that our students can ‘mix and match’ the way they work and take account of their existing knowledge and experience. It can reduce the total cost of a course. For more mature students having an acceptable course intensity and duration of a course can be a very important consideration. We don’t have to teach at Stokenham. If you would prefer us to teach at your address and you have suitable facilities we can travel to you. o We charge for our travel if the round trip is going to be longer than ten miles. Our charge is 45p per mile. See our Terms and conditions and course price pages for more information. Sadly this has to be subject to any Covid restrictions and requirements.
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