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Course location

1. We don’t have permanent office space and so we can offer you a choic of where to study with us: a. A suitable building such as a village hall. We often use Stokenham’s parish hall. Any costs are shared between everyone present. Typically you’ll pay £5 per half day for your share. Stokenham is very local to us so we contribute £5 plus electricity costs per half day session. b. We may be able to use your home or any other suitable location. In that case we will travel to you but we charge 45p per mile where the round trip is longer than about five miles. Our normal hourly rates may be applicable for longer journeys. 2. The location must meet our basic criteria which include enough space for people, equipment, chartwork, note taking etc. good light and heating and, in these Covid days, good ventilation and cleaning. The people factors are important (suitable chairs, tables, tea and coffee preparation, toilets and parking). We have equipment such as a laptop, projector, screen and training radios.


1. Devon School of Navigation courses are priced per person. The minimum charge for a course assumes two people (i.e. it is double the ‘per person’ charge in our price list). For two or more people the ‘per person’ rates apply.


1. Once an enrolment form has been completed and an invoice issued you are liable for the full amount due. The invoiced amount is payable in full prior to the start of a course. 2. In the event that Devon School of Navigation have to cancel a course our liability is limited to the refund of all monies paid to us apart from items purchased for and handed over to the student. We will not consider any claim for damages or consequential loss as a result of cancellation by us. Handouts issued to that point and RYA student packs purchased by the student will remain their property. If the course has RYA exams we retain the exam papers and course completion certificates and will send them on request to another RYA TrainingCentre. 3. Course fees and other invoiced amounts that have been paid are not normally refundable if a student has to withdraw or cancel though we will always do our utmost to change course schedules. a. Any items purchased by Devon School of Navigation for that student will be the property of the student once they have been paid for. b. Any agreed time extension to a course schedule that we have agreed with you will be for three months maximum unless a longer period is mutually agreed. Thereafter any support and marking will be at our normal hourly rate. c. English law applies. Please contact us for more information or to discuss any of these points. Click here for more information about this website.
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