Non RYA teaching

Devon School of Navigation
Are you looking for something other than an RYA course? Sometimes our customers want to focus on specific topics and recently we’ve been able to: Help someone studying an online course by teaching some specific topics Train someone’s crew so they would know how to call for help and get the boat home Provide a sun sight refresher before a sailing holiday in the Med. Objectives agreed in advance. 1. An initial meeting or phone call will define and agree how best to handle your requirements. 2. We will then develop a schedule outlining the teaching plan, timescale, materials required, the planned outcome and indicative cost. 3. Once this has been agreed then we can start work. Straightforward charging For this type of activity we charge £35 per hour, £90 per three hour session or £170 per six hour day. We charge a ‘rate per hour’ for our time so for a group (typically three or four people) it can be quite economical. For many people ‘half a day’ is about their productive learning span. It also fits well with other activities and commitments. That’s why we normally build our course schedules around three hour teaching sessions. If a ‘two session day’ suits you better we are happy to work on that basis. Our charges includes handouts where applicable. Any accommodation costs for teaching are charged separately. See our Terms and conditions and course price pages for more information.
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